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Eric A. Profile Thumb

Eric A.

2 days ago

Nice place to live besides some noisy neighbors and the occasional raccoon. The rooms are pretty spacious, the closets are big, and the common areas are well done

Thanks for the feedback Eric! Have an awesome day!

Eli F. Profile Thumb

Eli F.

6 days ago

Overall Mercury 3100 is a great value but beware of your expectations. This place is on the affordable side and has huge rooms and a nice size community living room/kitchen. Therefore there must be some drawbacks, such as smaller amenities and slightly less quality appliances and items that are provided by the building. If you know who you're moving in with and you're starting in a fresh room this place will be more than adequate for you!

Thanks for the feedback Eli!

Elyse H. Profile Thumb

Elyse H.

7 days ago

It's nice here, the quality of the space is what you pay for but the staff is always super helpful. I go and get my mail and they are always so quick to grab it. Maintenance is fast and on time. My only complaint is the thin walls. My roomates play music at a reasonable volume or just talk normal but I can hear almost every word.

Thanks for the feedback Elyse!!!

Emerson A. Profile Thumb

Emerson A.

9 days ago

No problems at all. Great size rooms that I get to decorate any way I want. Great staff and fast maintenance. Nice prizes for the community events they host and great food that also accommodates the events.

Demaris T. Profile Thumb

Demaris T.

10 days ago

These are decent apartments on the inside, but the walls are super thin and the trash situation gets really bad around here when nobody gets to it.

Adam M. Profile Thumb

Adam M.

11 days ago

It has been great and I’m coming back next year. Love all the amenities and the location in reference to the campus. It makes it a real easy choice to come back

Isabella Y. Profile Thumb

Isabella Y.

11 days ago

Living here has been great, it’s a pretty quiet neighborhood. I had to take my trash to the dumpster the entire stay because of the raccoons. They get to work orders In a timely manner as long as you send a message AND call.

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