Maritza O. Profile Thumb

Maritza O.

20 hours ago

I’ve been living here for almost a year already and it’s still pretty decent. The rooms are spacious, the staff is nice, and i’ve made good use of the free printing in the office!

Jialun W. Profile Thumb

Jialun W.

9 days ago

I love the amenities for the low low price! I have my own restroom and also it is an added bonus that laundry is included - I hated lugging my laundry when living on campus. Also, the people are oh so friendly!

Jorge F. Profile Thumb

Jorge F.

15 days ago

When it comes to spacing I love it. I love my room size and my closet size and everything. However there are some bug issues. I wish the regular 3x3 would be a little more up today with some things, like the kitchen for example. But other than that everything is good.

Ariel K. Profile Thumb

Ariel K.

17 days ago

Do not like living here, never fails to surprise me how much the management doesn’t care for the residents. While I was gone maintenance came in my room to replace a perfectly fine ceiling fan which I had no issues with, and left a huge mess all over the room. Because it was Memorial Day it wasn’t until Wednesday (three days) that they answered the phone and came to clean it up.

Karah P. Profile Thumb

Karah P.

17 days ago

Apartments are really spacious compared to surrounding areas, you get your own bathroom and closet which is nice. The closets are large and have plenty of room to fit all your stuff.

Adiba I. Profile Thumb

Adiba I.

18 days ago

I have been living at this community for four years. Over the years I have seen so many improvements, even though it was already the best student housing in the area. I will miss this place.

Hanna A. Profile Thumb

Hanna A.

18 days ago

I love the apartment, it’s in a great location! Only problem is the bugs DX they are very good about helping out with taking care of it, though

Nina W. Profile Thumb

Nina W.

28 days ago

I had some trouble at first but everything got situated very quickly and Before the summer semester started. I love it here ! Especially the warm community and the shuttle to UCF

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