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Aleisha H. Profile Thumb

Aleisha H.

2 hours ago

The workers here are really nice. It’s pretty unorganized and expensive for what it is though. They need to get their package system fixed. I like the apartment itself, the management is just not great. The managers EJ and I wanna say Jenny are very nice snd helpful.

Kathryn B. Profile Thumb

Kathryn B.

14 hours ago

Living in this community is great! No worries with pest compared to what I dealt with at other apartments, rooms are spacious and living space is really nice!

Ashley C. Profile Thumb

Ashley C.

15 hours ago

the apartment itself is nice overall, spacious and cute decor. the walls, however, are extremely thin and the raccoons are really pesky. they have also been giving us overages on our rent lately which is impossible since all of my roommates and i are always on vacation and hardly in the apartment so keep that in mind.

Hector G. Profile Thumb

Hector G.

17 hours ago

I've had an amazing experience here at Mercury 3100! The staff is always nice and willing to help and I enjoy the cleanliness of everything. Definitely recommend!

Michelle M. Profile Thumb

Michelle M.

17 hours ago

all good love my room and roommates but roommate picking def needs to be adjusted. I feel like there should be a system where we can pick who we want like tinder for roommates if that makes sense. but LOVE my room!

Jake D. Profile Thumb

Jake D.

17 hours ago

Great location, super close to UCF. Nice apartment, I got the premium, definitely worth it for the shiny counter tops. I would highly recommend them!

Raheem P. Profile Thumb

Raheem P.

1 day ago

It has been very great since i have moved in & the team in the office is amazing , gets everything that needs to be done and is very friendly.

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