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Veronica H. Profile Thumb

Veronica H.

6 days ago

It has been well. Only complaint is peoples driving in the complex. I think that a few things can be fixed, but I enjoy my apartment. It has been a very easy transition

Thanks Veronica!

Lindzie G. Profile Thumb

Lindzie G.

7 days ago

This is my second year at Mercury and I do not have any complaints. Maintenance completes any work order in a timely fashion and management answers any questions I may have!

Thanks for the feedback Lindzie!

Nephthalie B. Profile Thumb

Nephthalie B.

10 days ago

Mercury has been pretty good to me it’s the only housing I’ve stayed at besides on campus. I really wish though that there was a criteria to not be allowed off campus if you’re a freshman, cause being a senior and rooming with freshman’s is like living in a Jersey Shore house or Bad Girls Club. Just childish and aggravating. Other than that they’re ok, but the light bill overage should start getting billed separately cause others don’t know how to manage their electricity well

Thanks for the feedback Ms. Bonny!

Jessica G. Profile Thumb

Jessica G.

11 days ago

Wonderful experience with great workers. Always trying to make a good experience for residents. Rent is reasonable and the rooms are great and spacious.

Thanks for being a Mercury 3100 Resident!

Katerina B. Profile Thumb

Katerina B.

12 days ago

lot of issues with the apartment needing maintenance and roommates but apartment worked with us and has been helpful. Love the big closets, needs a patio.

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